Today in the city Alamosa 23.06.2017
Property Owner Plans Logging on 230 Acres Along Lake Monroe

A property owner is seeking a permit for logging on more than 230 acres along southern Indiana's Lake Monroe.

This video of a fish 'walking' along the ocean floor is making scientists scratch their heads

Imagine taking an evening dive and seeing a fish casually strolling along the ocean floor ... on what looks like a pair of legs.  That's exactly what happened to a French diver off the coast of B...

Chimps pass knowledge along from generation to generation, new study finds

Humans aren't the only species that passes knowledge along to the next generation. A new study by primatologists at the University of St. Andrews discovered that chimpanzees also engage in "cumulative...

Fernando Alonso's Indy 500 debut was superb but his engine let him down again

The Spanish driver’s aggression shone through at the Brickyard. He will surely be back for another shot at the second leg of motor sport’s triple crownMore than a few questioned Fernando Alonso’s deci...

Jack Harvey, the British driver making his Indy 500 debut in Alonso’s shadow

Fernando Alonso’s debut for Andretti at the Brickyard this weekend has made all headlines but an exciting young British driver will also make his bowMaking history is the target for Fernando Alonso wh...

Las Cruces Using Herd of Goats to Clear Vegetation Along Dam

Las Cruces officials say dozens of rented goats is having success in reducing brush and other vegetation along a nearly 3-mile-long dam in the southern New Mexico city.

Alonso: 'I have to adapt' to IndyCar

McLaren F1 driver Fernando Alonso tells CNN he has had to quickly adapt to IndyCar driving ahead of the Indy 500.

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